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Psychosexual Therapy 

A safe space to explore your intimate world

Psychosexual Therapy

Or Sex therapy as it is more commonly know is a talking therapy. It recognises the importance of the brain in sexual functioning. Thoughts, feelings and beliefs have a direct relationship with the body and its function. I work integratively with clients using a range of tools and techniques. Where appropriate I give couples or individuals behavioural exercises to work on at home.

I work with a range of issues including:

Loss sexual desire

Arousal difficulties

Orgasmic or anorgasmic problems

Compulsive sexual behaviours

Erectile difficulties such as rapid or delayed ejaculation


Dyspareunia (pain during intercourse)

Phobias and aversions

Sexual abuse and trauma

Anxiety surrounding sex, relationships and intimacy

Sexual orientation insecurities and questions

Relationship Therapy

Relationships with others form the cornerstone of human experience, and create a sense of well-being. Disharmony or breakdown in a relationship, whether intimate, social or in the workplace, is often the final straw that pushes people to seek help. Frequently, by the time a relationship breaks down, we are no longer in a position to recognise the difference between the other person's emotions and behaviours and our own. The therapeutic process helps individuals to first re-connect with their own sense of personal identity. In order to enjoy satisfying relationships with others, we need to be in a satisfactory relationship with ourselves. Those conflicts, which reside within us, are often painful and destructive to others and ourselves.

I am an Imago Relationship Therapist and use this model as the frame for my couples’ work.

I work with couples and individuals with a range of issues including:

Past relationship issues

Issues surrounding infidelity

Communication issues

Commitment issues

Impact of children on the couple relationship

Separating/ divorce

General relationship difficulties

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